Monday, November 30, 2009

Wealth Tips

There is a secret psychology to money. Most people don’t know about it, that’s why most people never become financially successful. A lack of money is not the problem, it is merely a symptom of what goes on inside you.

Take this chance start 2010 with a clean slate and resolve to hit the financial targets you missed last year.
T. Harv Eker, author of the #1 bestseller "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" shares 10 powerful tips to help you achieve those targets:

Tip #1: Your money zone is your comfort zoneTo expand your money zone, you must first change your mindset to win the money game.

Tip#2: Financial Freedom is a proven formulaDespite all the hype about Financial Freedom, it is nothing more than just a simple formula: Working Income + Savings + Investments + Passive Income

Tip#3: Don’t keep all your eggs in 1 basketSeparate your income into different accounts for specific purposes.

Tip#4: “Always Pay Yourself First”Make creating passive income streams, managing and investing money your part-time business.

Tip #5: Self-affirmation is the key to your successMake a declaration by touching your heart with one hand, then with the other hand, point to your head and say, “I have a millionaire mind!”

Tip #6: Your physical world is a printout of your mental, emotional and spiritual worlds combinedTo permanently change your outer world, you must first change your inner world (your thoughts).

Tip #7: The Process of ManifestionPositive results are achieved through this process: Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions = Results

Tip #8: Re-condition your mindset in 3 ways
1. Verbal Programming- Visualise success and tell yourself repeatedly you have the ability to achieve your goals.
2. Modelling – Model yourself after the success of rich people and resolve to be like them.
3. Specific Incidents – Recall a particular event in your life that inspires you to become rich.

Tip #9: Define your purposeYour motivation for money should be based on purpose and joy as opposed to fear, anger or proving yourself.

Tip #10: Set a ruleAlways remember, “I rule money. Money doesn't rule me!”

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